Dr Kenny Adeshugba


Dr Kenny Adeshugba

Senior Pastor

Pastor Kenny is the Senior Pastor of the church who has been at the helm of its leadership since inception in 1999. His life-changing messages are delivered with simplicity and clarity to enable the listener to apply it to his/or/her situations in a practical way. He is a firm believer in the power of transformation that lies within grace through the Word and same is effectively communicated in his sermons.

He has been involved in the pioneering of various churches in London and Africa and has served in leadership capacity under various ministries. He is an author, entrepreneur, life coach and international conference speaker. He preaches both at home and abroad, carrying the message of grace.

He is a published author of two dynamic books: The Touch of the Master’s Hand and 13 Reasons for Speaking in Tongues. The messages in these books are dynamic and, like his teachings, are life-changing and delivered with the utmost simplicity and clarity to enable the reader to understand them and apply them to his/her life. He is also an accomplished academic with a Masters’ and Doctorate in Theology.

His commission is also to ignite the developments of gifts within people in all areas of their lives.

He is married to Pastor Dupe, and are blessed with three children: Christine, Emmanuel and Joel, who also serve in the ministry.

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